So here I am again with another book review. This time I will be talking about Beth Revis’ “Across the Universe”.
I was very excited to read this book, after waiting a few weeks for it to arrive and so once started it was determined to take my time and enjoy the story.
Yeah, that really worked! I started reading it and couldn’t put it
down. I finished it within 2 days and am absolutely dying to read the next instalment in the story. 
The character were very VERY well written and the descriptions were amazing. I’ve never been one for Science-Fiction but this was great! Beth Revis really made me see and believe where she had set the characters.

The plot was very well paced and just right for the two main characters. A theme of suspense and decent runs through the whole book gracefully and climaxes to an amazing and totally unexpected finale at the end.
I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait to read the next one. Beth Revis has such a way of writing that I really want to imitate, and as of now is my all time favourite author.
So after reading this book I’m giving it a rating of 5 STARS! I’d definitely recommend anyone reading it. I was thoroughly surprised by what it was like even though I’m not a fan of Sci-Fi. 

Must Read! You won’t be disappointed!

After reading the Delierium and Pandemonium books by Lauren Oliver couldn't wait for the third and last book of the series to be released. I waited patiently for months and as soon as it came out in my local library I was there to snatch it up. 

I took it home and read it within two days. I was not impressed.

I was expecting a dramatic climax and finale in the last book of the trilogy. The first book was full of suspense and tension and the second resolved some of it but then created even more tension and question that needed to be answered. Therefore when I read Requiem I was expecting my questions to be answered in way that would entertain and fulfil my needs as a reader.

Instead, when I read Requiem, I found it hard to follow, slow to get to any kind of action, and the characters were very feeble, weak and the dialogue even more so.

Another thing that almost made me put the book down a few times was the fact that she refers to the Cured as "Zombies". Though Lauren Oliver may be trying to appeal to the masses with this word association, not all the masses appreciate that wording.

In short I would not recommend reading this book. I really looked forwards to reading it and it let me down. I won't say "never read it", as many people need the answers to certain questions raised in the book, but I do not rate it highly. Don't expect much from this book if you decide to read it.

On the other hand, I read the write-up for this book and instantly wanted to read it. It took me three months to get my hands on but now that I've started it I don't know why it's not as popular as the Hunger Games. 

The storyline, characters, descriptions and dialogue are all amazing and gripping. It took me three tries to put the book down earlier and go eat something before I passed out.

I know that it is part of a trilogy and so wonder if the other two books are like the delirium trilogy or more like The Hunger Games? 

My take on the Hunger Games may be different from everyone else's but in my opinion I found the first book amazing, the second great but the third a little slow and hard to follow.

The story remained well written and in actuality, I enjoyed that series a lot. And not to give away any spoilers to anyone who's not read the series, it has a good ending (though some readers don't like it).

It remains to be seen weather Across the Universe is as good as it seems. For now though I'm going to divulge my inner fantasies and delve back into the pages of this book.

Let me know what your take on all the books I've mentioned are in the comments below.

So all in all I rate this book as a 1 STAR and will definitely NOT recommend it to anyone

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