So this is going to be my first post of the month (though a little premature as I'm writing at almost 11pm June 30) and hopeful the first of many. Last time I did NaNo I used all my spare time to update other sites and make sure my friends were still my friends and that I hadn't deserted them for too long, but this month I'm going to update this blog as often as I can.

I changed my initial goal of another 60,000 words to 46,500 as I will be away for a few days and have to concentrate on other things this month like my piano exams, violin lessons and job hunting. But though I will not be writing as much as I'd initially hoped that I would I'm going to use the spare time I have (aside from my music and job hunting) to update this blog with all the newest info on both ,y story, my cabin and my life while participating in Camp.

So really, what I wanted to say in this post is, look out internet, Kitteh is on the loose and typing her way across the oceans of trepidation on her new awesome laptop with my destination, NaNoLandia and that Winner's Circle, shining high ahead of me.

Oh and good luck to all Campers who will be participating in Camp this month. See you over the finishing line! xD
Three months is a long time to most people but not long enough for precious few. I am not "most people" in that I'm usually running against the crowd but when NaNo is matter how many months you have off in-between events it never seems like enough time.
Over the past three months I've had many epiphanies and inspirational light bulbs blowing fuses in my brain and so I couldn't wait for NaNo to come around again. But now that it's here I kind of wish that I had more time to prepare for it.

I've been away for a week and so have not had the whole week leading up to the launch of July Camp to prepare and work out where I'm going to start and what my strategy is going to be. Luckily I have a big band of motivational friends in the form of my new Cabin mates.

One of the members was in my cabin last year and made friends with me very quickly. The other two I met online in a NaNoWriMo chat room that one of them had set up for private word wars. The three of us then grew even closer when we started writing on Scribophile together. It's so nice to see your friends make friends with your other friends xD

All three of them were very helpful in motivating me last Camp and I hope that now that I've had a taster of what Camp is like, I can help both all of them and the new Cabin members with their writing by being a rock of encouragement like they (and unmentioned others) have been to me.

As you can see (from the snapshot above) there are six members in my new cabin. The top three are the Campers that I already and the last two are new arrivals that I look forward to making the acquaintance of. Also you can see that this new cabin is quite active on the cabin message board (which I'm so glad of). After April's disaster of Cabin assignments I'm so glad that this month's round of cabin assignments has dropped me in such a promising cabin.

All that remains to be seen is weather we can all keep going and weather we all manage to finish the month with our goals (and winner's goodies) in our hands. With a whopping goal of 336,500 words I hope that all of those little words will come together to form six wonderful novels which we can all be proud of.

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