I made a promise to myself to write during the months leading up to NaNo and once again…I broke it.

I admit it! I’m no good at keeping promises. Unless it involves money...then I always find myself keeping them… xD

Anyway, here’s me ranting about all the writing and NaNo related things that have happened to me over the last two months. 

First of all, after July’s Camp NaNo I decided to make a cover for myself using photo editing software I received as a gift from my Mum. I showed the cover to a few writing friends and they told me that they would like covers too. 

Therefore I started a Thread on the NaNo Forums to receive requests for book covers. If you’re interested here’s the LINK to the page. On it is the form to fill in if you want a cover and many examples of my work. 

Second, Can you believe that November is just a month away? Time flies so fast… Anyway, come November I’ll be writing the third and last section of the Maiden Squire the first instalment of The Ashford Legacy Trilogy.

Now that’s some exiting news!

Once the whole book is written I’m either going to start on the second book and then edit the first book as desired or simply sit down and outright start editing the first book. I haven’t decided yet…

But lastly, has anyone checked out the NEW NaNoWriMo site?!? Amazing or what?!  Now that was worth waiting for. Just seeing all those blank bars and number dials is getting me restless for November to start. :D 

After November I’m going to resist (but probably end up giving in and doing it anyway) the temptation to start counting down the days till my birthday. I mean, come one, what’s a teen supposed to do? It’s my 18th…it’s a landmark I teenage life. :D

So here’s to the new NaNo site and to the remaining noveling adventures left to be had before the New Year starts.


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