After 4 weeks of writing and constantly recurring writer's block, I have finished the month of July with 42,279 words, which was lower that I had expected but still over my goal of 40,000 words. I changed the goal from 46,500 to 40,000 relatively early on in the month but I knew I wouldn’t have  much chance to write this month with my dad renovating the house and getting settled into my new life in a new village.

But thankfully I’m almost finished with my novel. 


Those 40,000 odd words for July had boosted my total word count to over 100,000 and I only have about another 20,000 words left to write. 

They however will be saved for the next few months leading up to NaNoWriMo in November, where I will then decide whether to start on the second book of the Ashford Legacy or edit this book until it is more

My cabin mates this time around were very active and very helpful. I’ve made several new friends and strengthened several old friendships too. They word warred with me and boosted my moral when I got struck by writers block through weeks 2 and 3. 

So basically that’s it. I just wanted to say that now that July is over I’m gonna be posting on here quite a bit more now and also that I’m planning to blog on a weekly basis. 

Yeah, that’s probably not going to last. But hey, I won Camp NaNo I’m entitled to make claims to accomplish ridiculous goals.

See you all round soon. xD 

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