Day 13 has finally arrived and not soon enough, I can tell you. I've finally crossed over the 20,000 word line and am ready for a break....Not quite! Gottcha!

After April's success with their Marathon day on the 13th I decided, having not participated myself, that I would host and participate in the Unofficial July Writer's Marathon.

That's right, after a whole week of writing it's finally here. Not only will many people from all over the world be partaking in this marathon but there will be a group word war trial going on where friends and rivals can challenge each other to word wars as part of a team.

I hope all goes well and all have a ton of fun doing this. To anyone not yet participating in his event, check out the link below and get writing. The Marathon starts at 00:00 your time, and lasts for 24 hours. Well, what are you waiting for? Get going, and get writing!
19/7/2013 11:35:35 pm

Heeeeey Katie! ^____^

I wish we could do another marathon. That unofficial marathon has been SUPER PRODUCTIVE! Haha.

Maybe like 4-5 days before the 31st arrives, for people to catch up with their writing. =) it the "24 Hour Sprint of NaNoWriMo!"


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