So here we have yet another online writing site which I have recently started using. I quite like the simplistic design of this site but the main reason I chose it was due to the fact that I am often traveling and in between home, work and other places so I need a universal site where I can write my latest stories and ideas. 

Luckily this site has come to my rescue.

Now many of you will tell me to just use cloud, Gmail or some other online interface. Well the thing is...I don't want it. At least not now. 

This site is really simple to use and others can collaborate with you on projects. So all in all I think this is my most favorite site so far. Considering figment is quite hard to navigate for me and scribophile only allows you to post stories of you critique other's work and if you haven;t got time to critique well...let's just say that site is no longer in use for me.

Anyway. I'll let you all get back to your daily lives now. I just thought you might like to know about this site I'll link below to the page. Se you soon bloggers.

Here's the link to the Fast Pencil Site
Here's the link to my profile where you can read the synopsis for my latest short story/novellette


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    'Who, How, Where?' is the section of my website I use to discus all the different aspects of noveling.

    Who to read for good editing info? How to edit your first draft?
    Where to go to find good encouragement and other unknown novelists?

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