Recently, while on the prowl for a cover making software, I stumbled across a site called Figment.

At first it seemed quite average but then I watched their demo video and knew that I had to sign up to them!

Figment is basically the same as Scribophile accept you don't need money to buy a premium membership and you don't need to gain points to post a critique of someone's work.

Real authors use the site as well as beginner and intermediate level writers and you can post, not only a chapter or two at a time, but your whole novel, or multiple novels if you so wish. Thus being so much better than Scribophile in that you can do more than only post 2 pieces of writing/ 2 chapters of a novel before having to either delete one and add in the next chapter or buy premium membership.

The layouts are very simplistic and the colour scheme is not as in your face as Scribophile with it's blue, white and red. It's plain cream and red but so quirky and I love it.

Signing up only takes a few seconds and it's totally free, no commitment or promotions on site.

The forums are pretty simple to use and it is full of advice, prompts and ideas for writing. And the best part is that people can follow you and tell you what they think of your work. Not only that but real life authors post their work on the site so you can read and review their work and they can do the same for you. How many people do you think would pay for an author to give them just 5 minutes to look at their novel and ask them what they think?

So in conclusion, check out this link here and sign up for Figment. It's one of the best things I've done so far this year. No commitment, no ridiculously high priced premium membership, and free advice from fellow writers and authors. How can you go wrong?

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