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After roaming around the Scribophile forums and signing up to a few different groups, I finally came up with the idea to start my own group. Me and a few other Scribophile users, whom I met during Camp NaNo this April, sat down and brainstormed about what the group should be called, what it should feature, who should join etc.

After about 2 days of deliberating, we finally came up with a name, a purpose and a few ideas for forum threads. We agreed to call the group "NaNoScriBo" and if you hadn't guessed by the name of the group, its purpose is to facilitate the need for a room specifically for Wrimos and Scribophile users.

My good friends, and fellow Wrimos, Grace (aka Dawn Archer) and Kenny (aka Journey_Cat), were so helpful in providing ideas and especially in creating the NaNoScriBo Logo {Isn't it amazing? Click on it to visit the NaNoScriBo Group Page: D}

We set up the room and so far it's been going great. We have almost 20 members, 13 group threads and 330 + posts in those NaNoScriBo group threads.

So I'd say that things are definitely picking up for me in Scribophile! Although I haven't been very active in critiquing recently (as I do have a life to maintain outside of my dream world of big words and novelists) I am making my way back into the Scribophile ranks and slowly recovering my standing. All in all, I'd say this week has been the best one I've had in a long time! :)


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