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I have already told you that I am planning on editing my Camp NaNo novel in due time (namely after I ACTUALLY complete it) But it had crossed my mind that I can be a bit biased when it comes to criticizing my own work. 

That was until I was introduced to a site called Scribophile.

Basically the aim of this site is to post a piece of writing and comment or
review another authors piece of writing. When you write a "Critique" (as
they call them) you earn 'karma points' and you need 5.0 karma points to
post a piece of your own writing. So basically the longer and more in-depth
you critique the work of another writer, the faster you can post your work
up to be critiqued. 

I only joined Scribophile two or three days ago and have already made some
great friends, read some great pieces of writing (and poetry), had really
creative feedback for the first chapter of my novel and been asked to join a
forum group.

Everyone there is friendly and the love of literature and writing has brought us all together. I am now in love with this site and it has now become my Facebook. I check it constantly and am always looking for something eye-catching to critique.

I've fallen in love with this site and I know that ANY writer out there looking to get some creative feedback on their writing will love this site as much as I do.

I was very nervous about posting my work on the internet (writing it in secret and posting an excerpt on the NaNo sites was different) and didn't know whether or not to do it. I'm a very shy person as it is but posting my work up on Scribo has given me a new freedom and has boosted my love of writing.

I love seeing people react to my work and love seeing people react to the comments I make on their work. It's all-round love, encouragement and warm fuzzy feelings. 

To all writers and poets out there reading this blog ...

Try Scribophile ... You won't regret it!!


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