Dear Reader,

After last week's post about joining up to the site called Scribophile, I wanted to make a post here explaining how my first week went.

It has been six days since I joined Scribophile and I am very happy with the experience, confidence and help that this site has afforded me with regards to my noveling and writing adventure.

I was welcomed with many messages posted to my homepage saying "Hello" and "Welcome to Scrib!" The community there welcomed me and there were quite a few other scribo's who helped me and kindly explained and showed me how things work.

After posting my first critique, I started receiving messages from the people who's stories I had reviewed. They told me how they appreciated my critique and how I had helped them. And that helped me! 
I love receiving kind messages from fellow writers telling me what they thought of my own work and telling me "Thanks" for critiquing their own work.

I found a few groups and forums that I feel welcome on and have already made quite a few friends. I have had lovely, helpful reviews on the first chapter of my current NaNo novel and to return the favour have commented on the sender's work.

Critiquing is hard work and can take quite some time and patience. Especially if the writing is not very good or if it the grammar or punctuation is quite a way off. Then if becomes painstakingly slow and challenging. 

But the feeling of joy and satisfaction when you hit that "Submit Critique" button is like nothing that I've ever felt before. I feel so honoured when other look at my work and I feel just as honoured to look at their work. After all, a writer's work is a small window into their life and soul. Sharing something as precious as your written work is hard and so I admire those who do and am glad that Scrib has given me the courage to do so too.

There are still many people joining Scribophile today and I find it very encouraging to just send them a message saying "Hi" and "welcome". After all, I liked the recognition that those messages gave me so why should I not send that warm fuzzy feeling to others?

Scribophile has changed my life and I am ever grateful for the wonderful people there who have made me feel so welcome in their community.

To visit Scribophile click this link - http://www.scribophile.com/

05/19/2013 2:24pm

Scribophile has changed my perception, on how to judge my own writing, by reading and reviewing other people's works. It's amazing.

Plus our Scrib group, NaNoScriBo, is going strong, isn't it? ^_^

05/22/2013 4:44am

You betcha Kenny, :D Yay for NaNoScriBo's!!


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