After finishing with Camp NaNo for the month of April I tried to stop myself
from editing the draft I had written by doing some other creative writing. I
tend to research until the sun comes up but then never get to writing anything
with that research in hand. So I decided to start writing from imagination and
on a random topic and inevitably fell into the snare of research. 

I love reading dystopian books and recently read quite a few of them. I'm still waiting to read "Requiem" by Lauren Oliver and the book of the movie "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer (which I just borrowed from the library a few minutes ago and can't wait to read xD) {* listed in Read More as Photo Gallery}
I decided I wanted to use ideas I'd come up with ages ago and locked away for specific reasons in this Dystopian book and then came upon a photo on the wonderful Wide Web of a Utopian Society concept art. I looked at similar photos and finally came up with a short story/ novelette idea which would start out at Utopian but then turn Dystopian. The storyline worked but then I remembered that while watching one of my favourite films - Ever After - that Drew Barrymore (aka. Danielle) was given a book by her 'father' called Utopia. I recalled that it was written by Thomas More and yesterday I found it as an audiobook at Learn Out
(** See Read More)

I downloaded a few audiobooks and finally listened to Utopia last night in front of the cosy fire in my living room. The book is very unusually written but very easy to get engrossed in.

Utopia is a work of fiction and political philosophy by Thomas More published in 1516 written as a frame story (*** See Read More). The ideas and ideals put forth in the book are very forceful and very well described. It's a strange book but one that I would gladly read again. I have never read a book that old but the way that it is written is just so captivating and beautiful that I couldn't stop listening to it. It helped me greatly to have it as an audio book, as when I do read I tend to run away with my imagination and forget what I've just read, but with the audiobook I was able to close my eyes and imagine this perfect
fictional society.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something interesting to read. It is so good and now has given me some great founding for my short story/novelette. But by the time I eventually get round to writing this shorter story July will most probably be here and I'll be able to unleash the dogs of war and set to work on Part II of the Ashford Legacy. Oh well. Off to the word processor I go...

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