After four weeks of nonstop writing, I have finally hit the finishing line of 65, ooo words in a month. (Here's proof...)

I has taken a long time and a lot of hours of brain racking and backspace banging but I have finally finished the first half of my first draft of the first part of my first book. 

I had the original idea of a woman becoming a knight from many different thing. A line of dialogue from one book, a scene from a film, and finally I came up with a story line which fitted the exactly with the pre-created characters.

 After week three of Camp NaNoWriMo I knew that I would not finish the whole story idea in one month let alone in one book so I decided to split it and have a long first book and a smaller sequel.

The idea has worked so far and now that camp is over I'm going to sit back, relax and wait for July to roll around...


I'm going to carry on writing during May and June, a little at a time, to keep my creative juices flowing for when July comes a calling.

I recently discovered the online writing goal tracking program called Pacemaker (http://pacemaker.sewillia.com/) which would work extremely for a single month. The features are great but after visiting this great site (http://svenjaliv.com/2013/01/its-here-word-tracker-for-2013/) and found an amazing spread sheet of sorts.

These trackers are so great that I've decided to use them in-between NaNoWriMo and it's relative Camps. 5,000 words in May, 2,500 in June. 5,000 In August 2,500 in September and October.

I absolutely love them and to any writes out there looking for a lovely programme to help with writing goals, I would suggest using either or both of these amazing products.

So finally, without further ado, I leave the virtual world merrily with the prospects of doing some noveling recon tomorrow in the form of a weekend woodland survival course, after which I will be adding another few thousand words to my total word count for the month of April.

 After all, 70,000 is so close that I can almost taste it. And the prospect of finishing only 4,00 words away from that momentous goal is just agonizing. And so, as a message to any and all other Campers doing NaNoWriMo this month I bid you... 

"Good luck. And may the words be ever in your favour."

29/4/2013 07:18:48 am

Hey there, Journey Cat here!

I've yet to taste my first victory, so (as if now) 2800 words left, and I'll be a winner! YAY :D

Again, congratulations, 65K is a lot better than 50k that I'm on. :)


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